Shipwrecked 64

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Shipwrecked 64 is a thrilling horror adventure game that combines quirky animal characters, retro pixel graphics, and a haunting storyline set on a mysterious island. Players take on the role of Bucky, a beaver who, along with his friends Olive the Otter and Giovanni the Goose, finds himself stranded after a stormy sea adventure goes awry. What awaits is a spine-chilling journey filled with tasks, puzzles, and an eerie wolf demanding the legendary treasures of the island.

Embark on a Perilous Quest

Upon crashing onto the island, Bucky and his crew face a series of tasks set by a cunning wolf who holds the key to their escape. Each character receives a unique mission, from gathering coconuts to solving intricate puzzles, all against the backdrop of a time-limited challenge. Shipwrecked 64’s gameplay involves exploring various locations on the island, engaging with other stranded characters, and solving puzzles to progress. With intuitive controls, players navigate through this pixelated world, uncovering its secrets and the dark history that shrouds it. As night falls, the island reveals its sinister side. Creepy cutscenes and unexpected encounters heighten the tension, making every step a test of courage.

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