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What do you actually expect from a game titled Duck Life? Probably, some duck simulator where you take on the role of a feathered character, peacefully swimming around the pond, angling for fish and raising ducklings in a nest you built with your own beak. Well, wrong! This one has something much more exciting and unexpected in store for you. Wanna find out more? Let’s start playing!

Make your duck into a real champ!

Meet your protagonist – a lovely little duck, without any outstanding appearance or name so far (which can instantly be remedied in the character editor). This guy (or chick) is about to enter the glorious path of a duck champ! Well, glory and championship are still way ahead, but what’s a duck without a dream?

To hit the racing track and become the speediest duck ever running it, you have to train, and train big. Duck Life allows you to evolve your skills as you see fit, focusing on those you consider to be of priority for your character.

Upgrade your skills and show yourself on the track

Think you need to run faster? Slap on some points on the speed skill. But then you’ll also have to improve your endurance, cause who can run that fast non-stop? And you’re gonna need considerable strength in those webbed feet if you want to leap over obstacles like they don’t exist. And don’t forget about swimming – ducks are waterbirds, after all!

Once your duckling gets skillful enough, you can try your hand (or rather, wing) at some competitions that regularly run in Duck Life. You can practice against bots or plunge right into live contests and tournaments packing real players. Just note that it’s gonna be much more challenging cause you can never predict the mind of a bird, let alone a human!

Win prizes, move up the leaderboards and have fun!

Winning and shining in those events is not only music to your ego – it will also move you higher and higher on the leaderboards, giving you access to much more ambitious and better-rewarded tourneys. And speaking of rewards, they aren’t just trophies to line up in your personal gallery of fame. There is money too, and some valuable upgrades, and some cute accessories to stand out on the track.

Duck Life is an equally charming and thrilling that will keep you on your webs from start to finish. Cute graphics, upgradable skills, diverse events and ability to compete with live players – all that makes it a quack-tastic option for some light-hearted and fun leisure. Plunge right in and enjoy every flap!

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