Happy Wheels

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Picture a game where you can choose your ride, from a quirky wheelchair to a zany Segway, and embark on the craziest, obstacle-filled adventures known to humankind. That’s Happy Wheels for you! Whether you’re racing through obstacle courses or trying to survive deadly traps, it’s a rollercoaster of non-stop action!

Wheel-tastic mayhem!

Prepare yourself for laugh-out-loud moments as your character gets tossed, tumbled, and obliterated in the most comically over-the-top ways possible. Think you can make it through a level without losing a limb or two? Good luck! You’re about to witness some of the most gruesome yet strangely hilarious injuries your character can sustain. From severed limbs to impalements, Happy Wheels takes cartoonish violence to a whole new level. The game’s physics engine is as bonkers as it gets. Expect your character to flip, flop, and flail in ways you never thought possible. Mastering the physics is half the fun!

Even though you’ll be defying death and facing absurdly deadly obstacles, Happy Wheels keeps things casual with its elated vibe and easy-to-pick-up-and-play controls. And the cast of characters will surely leave you in stitches! You’ll find the iconic wheelchair senior, the reckless dad and his son, the segway guy, and even Santa Claus himself, all ready to risk life and limb for your entertainment. So, hop on your Happy Wheels and let’s splash blood all over that track!

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