FNF Mario Madness V2

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Mario’s Madness V2 is a mod for the popular rhythm game FNF, created by Marco Antonio. This mod introduces players to Horror Mario, a more sinister version of the iconic Mario character, inspired by a famous piece of artwork on DeviantArt. Additionally, the mod incorporates various other characters from both official and fan-made horror interpretations of the Mario universe. The development of Mario’s Madness V2 spanned nearly two years, a testament to the dedication and effort put into creating a rich, immersive experience.

The story of the mod unfolds on a Friday afternoon. The player is spending time at their girlfriend’s house when they receive an unexpected package. Inside is an NES cartridge, which they decide to play on her father’s old console. However, this innocent act unwittingly releases a demonic presence. As the game begins, the player and their girlfriend are suddenly pulled into the TV by mysterious gloved hands. They find themselves in a strange, empty space, and upon looking up, they encounter Horror Mario. The realization dawns that they are not alone in this eerie, digital realm.

The characters in Mario’s Madness V2 are drawn from a variety of sources, each with its own unique backstory or origin. These include creepypastas, digital and analog horror, videos and series, fan theories, official Nintendo content, memes, bootlegs, and other miscellaneous sources. This diversity in character origins adds a rich tapestry of storytelling and horror elements to the game, making it a unique and engaging mod for fans of Friday Night Funkin’ and horror-themed Mario content.

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